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Lucky Cat Classic Red

Lucky Cat Classic Red

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Bring Good Fortune, Courage & Strengh to Your Home with Your Classic Lucky Cat Red.

As befits a cat, I have 9 lives. The coin I carry stands for “SEN MAN RYOU”, which means “10 million gold pieces for you”. As a talisman, my brave red stands for courage and strength. I will bring you 100% luck.

This iconic figurine Lucky Cat Red or "Maneki Neko" supports you dealing with all the challenges in life and is the perfect addition to your home or office. Each lucky cat is carefully crafted with attention to detail and features the traditional movable raised paw, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity. Every color has a different meaning but all are suitable for cat allergy sufferers!

Bring home the classic charm of the lucky cat

All it needs to wish you new luck every day are full batteries. (Not included, we recommend rechargeable ones as a more environmentally friendly option!)

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  • Product Details

    Colour Meaning
    Courage and Strength

    Sizes & Dimensions
    Length: 10.5 cm
    Width: 8.5 cm
    Height: 15 cm


    Needs 2 AA batteries to start waving.

  • Brand Values

    DONKEY is a German design label who loves to tell a little story with each of their products and the intention to put a smile on your face. They create extraordinary collections packed with joie de vivre. Urban gifts for happy people and guaranteed joy to give away or use for yourself.